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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4 in the Mission Field

Hola Familia!

Virginia is so beautiful! On Monday we sat on the beach and wrote letters. It was a little bit chilly, but it was pretty. Also, I love the people here. The Branch is so awesome and it's growing! So there are three sets of missionaries in the branch and we all cover different areas. It's cool though because we get to know each others investigators because they all come to the same branch. I love Sundays because I love seeing everyone and meeting all the people that the other missionaries are teaching. And Hispanics are so friendly which I love. Something that I realized as we were contacting this week is that Hispanics are so trusting of people. They let anyone in their house. All we had to say was Hola, como esta? and they tell us to come in. Hispanics are great.

We didn't have very many lessons again this week. People kept cancelling. We're kind of in a rut right now looking for new investigators. Por favor, pray that we can find new people. We've found some people that have some potential if we could just find a time to teach them. But we did get to teach Priscila! She is so dang awesome. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she has been drinking coffee since she was a little kid. She's from El Salvador and drinking coffee is like a social think. They just all do it. She told us that will be hard for her but it's a commandment from God so she is going to do her best to keep it. She told us she would just throw away her coffee maker so that she isn't tempted. We told we could bring her hot chocolate to help her out. When we came back later to give her the hot chocolate she told us mission completed. She is so cute. Her baptism is coming up! We weren't able to teach her on Friday or Saturday because there was something wrong with her washing machine and the water pipe broke and flooded her apartment. So that was crazy and she had family coming into town this weekend. She still came to church though! She had breakfast with her family and then told them she had to go to church so she just left them there. She is seriously so great.

On Sunday we taught Adolfo who is the roommate of Miguel. Miguel wasn't there which was good so we were able to teach the Restoration. Adolfo is so funny. He knows that I'm learning Spanish and so that's why I usually don't talk very much. I'll usually just teach one part of the lesson and then my companion and the member we have with us will talk the rest of the time. So whenever I talk his eyes get really big and he has this big smile on his face like he's saying in his head, yay! she's talking! So I taught the part about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. The Spirit was strong and he was listening intently. When I finished he said, Wow, me gusta eso. A few minutes later some of his friends walked in and his attitude changed. He became closed off which was a bummer so we didn't invite him to be baptized, but we're hoping next time we can commit him to baptism.

Speaking of baptisms we had one on Friday! Edwin and Miriam are actually in our area, but the Elders were the ones that started teaching them a year ago so they just kept passing them down to the Elders. We still visit them every once in a while though. So they have been taking the lessons for almost a year and the reason they hadn't gotten baptized is because they needed to get married first. So in December they were married and finally, on Friday they were baptized. It was a good night. We're gonna see if we can start teaching them now. We have to talk with the Elders about it. Miriam told us on Friday when we went over there to see how they were feeling about there baptism that she actually had wanted the Hermanas to teach her, but she didn't want to offend the Elders. So we'll see if we can make that switch.

Well, I love you all! I'll talk to you next week!

Hermana Reed 

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