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Monday, February 2, 2015

Patience is a Virtue


This has been the best week yet! We got SIX new investigators! Usually we only get maybe one or two, but this week we got six! Also we taught a ton of lessons this week. A lot of times our appointments get cancelled so we only end up teaching maybe half of the appointments we originally planned, but none of them got cancelled this week. We needed to learn patience I guess and how to work hard. The past couple of weeks we've had to do a lot of contacting and we only taught maybe six lessons a week, but this week we taught 11. It was awesome. So let me tell you about these awesome people that I'm teaching.

First, Priscila is getting baptized on Friday!! We are all excited. She is so cute. She is inviting everyone she sees to come to her baptism. She's gonna be baptized on my one month mark in the mission field and my companion's one year mark. Crazy! So this week we're gonna be teaching her everyday so that we can make sure she is taught all the lessons before her baptism. Anyway, that's where we're at with Priscila. I just love her!

So on my very first day in Newport News we taught a girl named Edith and her "husband" Jose. Jose wasn't really interested, but Edith had a lot of questions. We never had been able to get in contact with them again since then. Every time we call or text they never respond and whenever we go over there they are never home. So it had been three weeks and I thought we were just gonna stop trying because obviously it just wasn't happening. On Wednesday we went up to Williamsburg because we were going to check on one of our investigators who lives in the same apartment complex. We had planned to stop off at Edith but we were running behind schedule and my companion asked me if we should go see Edith first or Jenny. Edith kept coming to my mind and I thought well we'll just make sure she's not home so I don't feel bad and then we can go to Jenny's. But Edith was home! And she had been reading the Book of Mormon! And she had awesome questions for us! It was a miracle. So we taught her the Restoration and were able to explain the Book of Mormon some more and answer her questions. She has a sincere desire to learn. The hard part though will be when she wants to be baptized and Jose doesn't. In order to be baptized they would have to get married or they would have to not live together anymore. But they have two little kids...but we'll figure that out when we get to that point.

Every Sunday we teach this cute, little, shy man with a member in the branch, Sister Self. Her and her husband aren't Hispanic, but they both went on Spanish speaking missions. So they help out the branch a lot. They are the cutest family. Anyway, they come with us to teach Adolfo. Yesterday, I invited him to be baptized! He got really nervous and said he would have to think about it. So we told him to pray about it and we'll talk more about it next Sunday. He is also very interested and open and receptive to the gospel. I hope things work out with him.

Miguel and Anna. I love them, but, man, do they love to talk! We only made it through a third of the Restoration because they have so much to say. It's good though. They are definitely ready to hear the gospel, but they need to stop talking so that we can teach them! Hopefully we can finish the Restoration with them tomorrow and invite them to be baptized.

We had exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders on Saturday so I got to teach in English which was weird. I learned though that I was supposed to be working with the Hispanic people and now I appreciate my companion more. I felt like I teach more in Spanish lessons then I did in the English ones. I just have never taught lessons in English. We always practiced in Spanish in the MTC. So that was a different experience.

I found something cool during my studies this morning! A lot of investigators ask why the Book of Mormon is called that and who is Mormon and why are we called Mormons? I think I knew this before but I was reminded that Mormon was the one who compiled all of the plates and made an abridgement. And in 3 Nephi 5:12 it says "And behold, I am called Mormon, being called after the land of Mormon, the land in which Alma did establish the church among the people, yea, the first church which was established among them after their transgression." So Mormon comes from the place that the church was first established by Alma. I thought that was cool little fun fact.

Well, I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Reed

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