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Monday, February 16, 2015

First Transfer Completed

I made it through my first transfer. I'm finishing my training in the same area, but one of the other Hermanas that came in with me is changing from an English area and will be in a trio with the other Hermanas. So we'll have FIVE Hermanas and two Elders in our Branch. The missionaries will make up half of the congregation! Just kidding. Actually, our branch is growing. We had another baptism in the branch on Friday. So that's four in the past month or so which is awesome! Hopefully, it will continue to grow.
It snowed this week! Actually it's snowing right now. Our mission president postponed transfers until Thursday instead of Wednesday because there is supposed to be a big storm coming tonight. If it gets bad tomorrow then we'll have to stay inside.
So this week was really slow because we had a lot of meetings, but it was good. We had a Sisters Specialized Training which was so good! It was all day Tuesday with all of the sister missionaries in the mission. So I got to see my Hermanas from the MTC again! It was fun to have a little reunion.
Priscila is doing amazing! We're working on getting her to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Hopefully, this week or next week we can help her do her family history so she can bring some names to the temple with her. She's a member so she can come to lessons with us! We're hoping we can bring her to our lesson with Miguel and Ana.
We had Branch Conference yesterday so some people from the stake came and spoke. It was all white people speaking Spanish so I could understand everything! Church was really good yesterday. My stake president is so awesome. He speaks Spanish and he gave such an amazing talk. I just love all of these people over here. Virginia is great!
I just want to leave you all with some things I learned from the meetings I went to these past couple weeks. My mission president (who is the greatest, by the way) spoke and said that this church is a church of discomfort. There's a price for knowing the truth. We may be asked to do things that make us uncomfortable such as performing a calling, or changing wards. But Elder Holland said, "The joy of the gospel is greater than any of the demands it asks." This gospel pushes us, but we came to this earth to progress and grow and change. Only by being pushed out of our comfort zones will be able to reach our full potential. Okay I have some scriptures for ya'll to look up. They're really good! The first one is Moroni 9:25 and the second one is Hebrews 12:1-2. Another thing I learned this week is about joy. Joy is not the absence of sorrow. We need to experience sorrow to experience joy. And only when we are resurrected can we experience a fulness of joy. Also, we choose to be happy. Okay, one last thing. It's a quote from my mission president because he's just so awesome. He told us that we need to "slug the adversary. Knock the tar out of him!" Don't let the adversary control you.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Reed

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