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Monday, March 2, 2015

Open Your Mouth and It Shall Be Filled


What a week! Great things are happening in my area and I'm so excited! It has taken me three months but now I really feel like I know what my purpose is and I LOVE being a missionary! So my companion and I have been working on asking inspired questions during our lessons and not just going through the same routine lessons because we teach the Restoration several times a week. And since the beginning of my mission I have been taught that if you ask inspired questions you will receive inspired answers. I never really understood what that meant until this week.

Monday night we met with some investigators who have been taking lessons from missionaries since July and they still aren't baptized, but they still want to be taught. So my companion and I taught them the Plan of Salvation, well we reviewed it because they've already had all of the lessons once. As my companion and I taught we really were trying to focus on the promptings of the Spirit to know what questions to ask. As we asked inspired questions, indeed we did receive inspired answers and they finally told us what has been holding them back from getting baptized. We finally felt like we were getting somewhere and we knew how we could help them progress.

Wednesday was a great day. Every week we eat at a member's house for lunch. We call her Abuelita because she's this super cute, little, old lady in her 70's. She is hilarious though. I love her. The thing about eating over there though is that she feeds us so much. She starts with an oatmeal based drink, then we have a huge bowl of soup, then we have a plate full of beans, rice, and chicken. We usually bring little tupperwares in our bag to put some of our food into when we get full. After we ate at Abuelita's we had an appointment with our investigator named Lizbeth. She's from Puerto Rico so she speaks Spanish but she prefers to speak in English. So we teach her in English which I love because it's a different experience than teaching in Spanish. Lizbeth is so ready for the gospel. The Hermanas before me and my companion taught her for about a month or two and she wasn't really progressing well. She never came to church because she was in the army and so she has a little bit of PTSD and being around a lot of people makes her anxious. Anyway, at the end of our lesson on Tuesday she was telling us about something that was going on in her life and I felt prompted to talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how after we are baptized we get the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us in our life. She said "yeah the other Hermanas kept trying to get me to get baptized but I don't like going to church." So..we asked her if we could give her a church tour on Saturday so she can be familiar with the building before there were a lot of people in it on Sunday and she said yes! And the church tour went great and she accepted a baptismal date!! She's set for April 11th!

Wenesday night it started snowing again so we went home around 7pm because the roads were slippery. Wednesday was another snow day because we got like 9 inches! I finally learned how to build a snowman and apparently all Virginians build snowmen. I have never seen so many snowmen in my life!

This week we had to knock doors and most missionaries grown when they have to tract but I kind of like it. You get to meet new people and invite them to learn about the gospel. We had knocked a few buildings in an apartment complex and my companion was done and ready to get in the car because we didn't find any Hispanics and I said let's do one more. And we found a Hispanic! A super cute girl who let us right in and was ready for us to teach her. Unfortunatley we didn't have time, but we're gonna go back and teach her.

I don't have a lot of time left so here are some other great things that happened this week.
- We set Edith with a baptismal date too so now we have two!
- We learned how to make papousas and they are delicious.
- Our less actives are coming back to church!

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Hermana Reed

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