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Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 2 en el CCM

Hi everyone!

This week went by fast...and slow some days. My teacher is such a cute little Mexican who recently got home from her mission. And she is such an amazing teacher! Spanish is going well. On Thursday we´re taking a fast from English. Solamente Espanol en jueves. It´ll be good, but let´s hope we don´t go crazy. One of the biggest struggles for missionaries here is trying to overcome doubt and fear. It gets hard and a lot of times you don´t want to say anything because you don´t know if that´s even the right word, but the only way to learn is to try. Just speak. We have devotionals every Sunday night and this last one we watched a recording of Elder Bednar speaking at the Provo MTC. He gave a great talk on being a Preach My Gospel missionary, but what got me was at the end. He told the missionaries that if he had the time he would want to give each of us a hug, look us in the eye, and tell us, You can do it! The Lord knows you can do it and He has promised you His help. Such a great talk. It made us all want to keep going. 

So my birthday was on Friday. When I got to class in the morning the Hermanas from my zone had put some candy and a note on my desk. Then in the afternoon the mail lady came and told me that I needed to come right now and get an urgent package. It was a birthday package from Sam. It was a big red box that said urgent on it. It was kind of funny. 

I forgot to tell you all last week that I saw Hannah! Hannah was my roommate in college and I saw her my first day and now I see her almost every day. It makes my day. I love having someone here that I know. 

So I learned a few things about my mission. Right now there are only 6 heremanas there. And two of them are going home soon. And the two girls that I room with and my companion, we are all going to the same mission so there´s a chance we might be companions again :)

We can´t have music in the CCM so I´ve been singing my little heart out. Whenever I get a chance to sing I do. I joined the choir as soon as I heard about it. We´re singing What Child is This at the Sunday devotional this week. And there´s also a choir that I´m hoping to sign up for that´s gonna go to the Visitor´s Center and sing Christmas songs. 

We´re trying to bring Christmas into the CCM so my roommates made a Christmas tree and I suggested it be our gratitude tree. So our ornaments are sticky notes with our blessings on them. 

This week we´ve been talking a lot on faith and trusting in the Lord. I know that with God´s help we can to anything. Put your trust in the Lord and He help you through the challenging times. I know that God has a plan for us all and He does not let you go through trials that you cannot overcome. The key is to first put your faith in the Lord and then He will bring the blessing. 

I love you all!! I don´t know if the mail system works over here but there´s website that you can write a letter and they will print it out and give it to\free-letter

I hope you all are doing well! Thanks for the love, support and prayers! They are much appreciated.

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